Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Awana Awards

A couple of weeks ago the kids had their awards night at Awana. Samuel finished his first year in Cubbies, Ben finished his first year in Sparks, and Lucy finished her third year in Sparks (she will be in T&T next year). I am so proud of how hard the kids worked to hide God's word in their hearts. Nathan and I pray that it takes root and bears fruit in their lives.

Samuel in his Cubbies class. He finished his whole book this year. Good job, Sam!!

Ben in his Sparks class. He finished his book and a lot of his review. Their is a huge jump in the amount to memorize from Cubbies to Sparks. We weren't sure how he'd do based on what Cubbies was like last year, but he blew us away with how willing he was to work on this. It has been great to see God already working in his heart and using the verses he memorizes in Awana.

Lucy had her last year of Sparks this year and finished her book, her review, and extra credit. She loves Sparks and does almost all of her work for this on her own. I am thankful that she has a desire to work at this, and that she cares about learning more from God's Word.

Afterwards there was pizza and ice cream for the kids and their families. The kids might have been a little excited about this part of the night. Somehow I managed to miss out on the pizza (and chose to skip the ice cream)...something about them running out while I was busy talking. :)

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