Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day 2014

The kids and I were pleasantly surprised to wake up to a light dusting of snow this morning. It snowed at our house the entire morning. We waited to go out until after it had stopped, which worked out to be right after eating lunch. Three fifths of us lasted about ten minutes outside, but we did enjoy those ten minutes. Ben and I might have to make another trip out while the others are napping or having rest time.

Annie was more than excited about wearing these pink and white boots out in the snow. She is currently curled up with them as she naps.

Nana's old gardening hat doubles as a cowboy hat for this kid.

Lucy wasn't very excited about being outside. She's feeling a little under the weather, so probably not the best timing for enjoying snow.

The view of the ravine and creek in our backyard. Every season we get to see a tiny glimpse of God's creativity in our own backyard. I am thankful for opportunities to point our children toward the One who not only created all we see, but knit them together within me.

Ben with Gus, our neighbors' horse. 

She mostly wanted to wipe snow off of things.

Sam and Ben pretending to fly off this dirt pile covered with snow.

We probably spent more time getting ready to go outside than the time actually spent out there. It was totally worth it. Anyone that knows me well knows that I like things tidy...but even this mess (which still sits where we left it over an hour ago) was worth sweet memories of the rare snow day.

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