Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nathan's Solo Week

Below are a sampling of photos Nathan took the week I was in Indiana. He did a fantastic job - he even did school with Lucy and Ben. As tempting as it is to boast in Nathan, I will instead boast in the work the Lord has done in Nathan's heart. Nathan really enjoyed his week at home and joked that he'd be happy to do that all day if he could get paid for it. He can't, so I think my job is secure.

Lucy taking the very rare nap with Cubbie Bear (Samuel was able to bring him home that week from Cubbies).

Daddy took the kids to the store to get the ingredients for smores. Who doesn't love smores on a chili evening with the fire going?

Ben showing off his smore.

Samuel showing off his smore.

Lucy roasting her marshmallow (sorry it is sideways).

Samuel with marshmallow over the fire. 

Littles enjoying some cereal for breakfast. Gotta love Annie's bedhead.

Annie, Sam and Ben posing for Daddy. (again, sorry this is sideways...I'll try to fix later).

Lucy doing what Lucy does best...reading (or second best, I think being tenderhearted is what she does best).

A feast that a precious sister in Christ brought the family in my absence. The next three nights they dined with friends and Nana. 

Homeschool with Daddy in the living room instead of the school room.

Kids enjoying some hot chocolate before bed. Notice that Sam and Annie are making goofy faces. That is very fitting for those two.

See...goofy faces.

Maybe all the sugar made them hyped up to be goofy?

Not quite as goofy, but she was still in on the fun.

I am so thankful to God for this family of ours. Every day Nathan and I sent each other pictures. It was such a comfort to know the kids were in the best hands they could be in, and that they were all enjoying their time together. God is good!

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