Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last week I (Stephanie) had the opportunity to go to a Biblical Counseling conference in Indiana. The elders at our church asked Nathan and I to pray about me doing this last summer. Obviously, we agreed to me going. It did present some firsts for us - my first time to EVER leave my children (Lucy and Ben have both spent the night with the Wallace cousins once, and Lucy with Nana once, but that is the only time I've been away from them overnight) and Nathan taking the week off from work to take care of things around the house, including school for Lucy in Ben. There was one more thing - my fear of flying. It is an irrational fear, I know, but it was looming beforehand.

Our group left Sunday the 9th on a 8am flight out of DFW to Indianapolis. (I praise the Lord that when out of desperation cried out to Him for a verse to help me combat my fear of flying and leaving the kids He immediately brought to mind Philippians 4:4-7. I can honestly say that my fear of flying is gone...both going and coming I didn't struggle.)  We sat through almost 30 hours of teaching during the week (I was in the women's track for our women's ministry, which was very helpful in lots of ways). It was intense, but it was really good...and convicting. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity go, for Nathan's sacrifice to stay home and care for everything at home (another post is coming about that), and the elders thinking to ask me.

I was able to sit next to the window there and back, and both time I was right by the wing. I love this picture. Being up so high really reminded me of how small we really are and how great God is.

Flying into Indianapolis. It was very cold the week we were there (see the next picture for a low that we woke up to).  I loved seeing all the snow. was COLD. Thankfully, it wasn't windy or humid, so it didn't feel a ton colder.

The Faith West Campus where the Women's Track was held.

Every time I went outside I thought of how much the kids would love to play in this. Someday...

This is the inside of the Indianapolis Airport. We were grateful to get there in one piece. It started snowing Friday morning and our trip from Lafayette to Indianapolis took much longer than the hour and half it normally takes. Pastor Dan did a great job driving us safely through the mess.

One of my favorite things about the Indianapolis Airport is that you can watch the planes, sit, eat, etc. BEFORE going through security. I used to love watching the planes as a kid. Again, I kept thinking of how much the kids would have enjoyed this.

We were able to watch them de-ice and anti-ice each plane that needed to fly out. It was fascinating.

Myself, Pam and Holly on the flight back. I love these ladies. We were able to spend a lot of time together since we had adjoining rooms and were the only ones there without our spouse. It was great getting to know them better.

Flying back into DFW. The pictures do not do the view justice. 

Almost there!


We were all glad to finally make it home after some weather delays. It was a really good week, God showed Himself faithful in many ways, and I am really thankful I was able to go. 

I'll post soon on what was going on here at home while I was gone. But as a teaser, I joked that me coming back was going to be like my kids had been with grandma for a week. Nathan did great, no surprise here. :) Now...I just need to figure out how to process the things that I heard.

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