Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Helping Little Hands

More and more Lucy and Ben are wanting to be involved with helping in the kitchen.  Yesterday we made Sourdough Tortillas for dinner.  They did a pretty good job helping me out, plus it was lots of fun!  Plus, we enjoyed getting to snack on them during the process.

Lucy rolling out some tortilla dough.  Not bad, eh?

"Look Mommy, it's tortilla dough!"


More rolling from Lucy and flatening by hand by Ben.

A few heart shaped tortillas requested by Lucy.  They didn't even make it to the freezer or dinner.

Gotta love Lucy's face here.  "Take the picture, mommy.  I am rolling the dough."

"Come on, take the picture."

As a side note, I've been wanting to make the switch to sourdough breads this year.  I've attempted to make a starter twice and failed.  I was super excited to find out from my friend Diann that Central Market sells their sourdough starter in the bakery department.  Nathan kindly picked some up for me on Sunday afternoon.  Two pounds for $4.  I talked to the bakery manager on Monday morning for about 20 minutes getting the ins and outs of keeping the starter alive.  He was super kind and told me to call back any time with questions.  So, if you are local and interested in getting a starter, check out Central Market. 

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