Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow Day!

A few weeks ago we a decent amount of snow fall for North Texas.  We woke up to a Winter wonderland.  The kids were so excited when they looked out the window to see it had actually snowed why they were asleep. 

We managed to get a few pictures, but not many.  Turns out the extremely cold temperatures (I believe in the low 20s this day) were not fun to be out in.

 Ben likes the idea of snow.  He was outside all of two minutes before falling and coming inside crying.  He wasn't hurt, just mad.  He decided to snuggle under our covers and watch The Backyardigans while Lucy continued to play outside.

Lucy actually playing in the snow.  I think she lasted about 10-15 minutes.

Both kiddos snuggled up and enjoying the show while little brother napped.

Nathan had gone into work that morning, but decided to just pick up some things to work on at home since he thought the roads might get worse throughout the day.  Here he is hard at work on specs for a project.  It sure was fun to have Daddy home, even if he was working most of the time. :)

One of the benefits of playing in the cold weather chocolate!

The first two days of snow were nice, but we were glad when it melted and could leave the house.  I think most of North Texas was less than thrilled when it snowed again the following week. 

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Mae Burke said...

you are gonna love these pictures when they are older! Priceless!