Sunday, February 20, 2011

Early Spring?

I am not sure about everyone else, but we are loving the current Spring-like weather that we are experiencing right now.  It has been SO nice!!  One can't help but spend the majority of the day outside when it is sunny and in the 70s.  If I didn't know any better I'd think it was Spring already!

We've managed to get a few pictures over the last few weeks of the kids enjoying the warmer than normal temps.  Enjoy!

Samuel playing in the back garden bed.  This will have veggies growing in a month or two, but right now he thinks it is his very own dirt pit.

And yes, that would be dirt he is eating.  Boys...

Ben & Sam enjoying the "dirt pit".

Last week it was warm enough to put water in the water table.  All three kids were super excited.  This was Samuel's first experience with the water table.  He is a big fan.

Like I said, he is a big fan.

Another first for Samuel - sand in the sandbox. 

Lucy showing Samuel how you are "supposed" to play in sand.

He ended up liking this better than the water table.

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