Thursday, February 3, 2011


A few weeks ago our church family was delighted to have the Dorin family in town for their last visit to Cowtown before they depart for France, and then Camaroon, Africa.  Everyone was excited to get to spend some time with these dear friends of ours, especially Lucy!

You see we have a very heavy boy population at our church.  Very much so (to the point that at Lucy's second birthday party she was the only girl!).  However, when we got to Calvary there happened to be another little girl who was a month older than Lucy.  Danielle (aka Dani). 

Lucy and Danielle soon became friends, and later to be besties.  It was so fun to watch them play and interact with each other.  Dani was most definitely the leader and stronger personality, and Lucy happy to follow.  Their personalities were perfect for each other, and their sweet, little friendship flourished.

Since Dani's family moved for training with Wycliffe, a summer in Camaroon, Africa, and then back to Houston to stay with family and continue on with raising support, Lucy has constantly talked about Danielle moving to Africa and missing her.  Often she would say out of the blue how sad she was that Danielle was moving so far away.  These have been great teachable moments for Lucy to learn about missions and going to preach the Gospel.

All that said, Lucy couldn't wait to see Danielle one last time for a few years (or at least FOUR!).  Nathan managed to get a few pictures of the girls for their last visits together.  :)



 Notice the picture of Lucy and Danielle on her desk?  :)



Lucy showing us the paintings Danielle gave her as a goodbye gift.  She also got a pair of authentic African sandals that came from Camaroon.

We can't wait to see how the Lord uses the Dorin family for His glory and to spread His truth.  We will miss them VERY much, but rejoice that they are following the Lord in obedience.


Annie Lee Dorin said...

Oh WOW! This made me totally tear up Friend!! Your precious family means so much to us and having to say goodbye to y'all definitely makes the list of hardest earthy things to give up. I'm SO glad for the blessing of the internet! Love you all:) These pics are great!

Stephanie said...

Yes, saying goodbye to you guys was VERY hard. I couldn't even bring myself to have "real" conversation while you were over hear for fear of losing it and crying my ugly cry. ;) We love you all as well, and are so grateful for the internet and being able to keep up with you all.