Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ben's 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday was Ben's 3rd birthday.  Originally we had planned a small family-only party here at the house.  Unfortunately, every single person that was invited either became quite ill (flu and stomach bugs) or had other things come up that prevented them from coming.  So, late on Thursday Nathan and I decided to come up a with plan B.

Plan B involved calling a few friends up with kiddos close to Ben's age at the VERY last minute to see if they wanted to come and celebrate with us.  Of course we bribed them with the offer of dinner and dessert, so we were able to get mostly yeses. :)

It turned out to be a really fun night.  The kids played outside while the dads talked theology.  Yes, at one point Brent even had Nathan's Bible out for them to make sure they were right on a certain point.  The ladies were mostly inside chatting.  We had dinner, dessert and more fellowship. 

We certainly missed all the family that would have been here, but were thankful that we were still able to celebrate with others that care about our Ben boy.

After everyone left we gave Ben his present from the family.  We ordered him a backpack from LL Bean (thank you, RetailMeNot, for helping us get free shipping AND an extra 30% off!).  Inside was a dinosaur coloring book from everyone and a little dump truck that Lucy bought with money from her piggy bank.  He is liking having the backpack, but loves the truck from Lucy. :)

Here are some picture from the night.  Enjoy!


P.S.  Note that Lucy now poses for pictures.  There were plenty that Nathan took with her making goofy poses and generally just hamming it up.  Silly girl!

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