Monday, January 24, 2011

Educational DVDs - Skeptic No More

Let me introduce you to something that I was very skeptical of owning.  I had been told by multiple homeschooling moms that I respect that they didn't actually teach their children their phonics, but let them watch the Letter Factory DVD by LeapFrog. 

I initially wrote off the advice I had received and thought I'd go ahead and just teach the kids this information myself.  And with Lucy that worked great.  She was eager to learn her letters and their sounds early on.  So, we just did it.  Ben was another story.  He could have cared less about learning this information.  And that was okay...he is not even three yet.

However, at Christmas my sister Suzanne was doing the grandkid gift shopping for my dad.  She needed suggestions on all three of ours, and I was at a loss for Ben since I knew what all his other gifts were going to be...and that he did not need anymore toys.  I thought, "why not give it a try?"  So, my sister picked up a package of LeapFrog videos including Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory and Let's Go To School.

Fast forward to three weeks after getting a chance to watch the videos a few times a week and Ben already knows ALL of his alphabet and sounds.  Seriously!  I was shocked that he learned it so fast.  Not only that, but he is now pointing out letters and sounds everywhere we go.  He is constantly getting the letter magnets off the fridge to come tell me the letter and sounds, and is interested in our "lessons" with the letter of the week now.  It is great!

So, from one mom to another, don't be skeptical when an experienced mom offers you advice.  It might be worth listening to and taking.  It was for us, and many other moms I know.


lostinrain said...

We've had the same experience with I really think this is why T is reading already! The kids have a computer to use that runs Fedora (Linux) so that I don't have to worry about virus protection. They have computer time a couple times a week (more if the weather is bad :P or while Mark is out of town and I'm having pms). Speaking of, I seemed to have exchanged endometriousis pain for serious pms--the real thing during my entire luteal phase!

Stephanie said...

I still need to check out for Lucy. I did a long time ago, but I think she'd love that while the brothers are sleeping.

And yuck on the full blown pms for so long! Which is worse - endo pain or pms? Neither sound fun!!

Annie Lee Dorin said...

LOVE letter factory!!