Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas with Opa and Gigi

After our two days in Austin we made our way down to Rockport to celebrate with my side of the family. The kids had a blast with their cousins, Emah and Taylor, and loved getting to see all the family in general.

Everyone hanging out outside while the kiddos played. You can kind of see Samantha's baby bump for Emah's little brother or sister. :)

Sam and Sam coming down the slide.

Ben checking the horses out. He was quite timid around them.

Lucy was not near as timid. She loved them.

Sweet Samuel...he was all smiles.

Ben being a boy at the pond.

And in the tree.
All the girls (and Ben) hanging out outside some more.
Ben and Opa lounging. So sweet!

Samuel attacking Gigi in an attempt to get the grape she was peeling. Hilarious!

Lucy playing with an old toy mini van.

Showing off her ballet outfit and clips made by Aunt Suzanne.

Samantha was our gift passer-outer. Is that a word?

A picture that my sister Sarah drew of Emah for Samantha's gift. We were all very impressed!

I got to love on my newest nephew, Quinton!! He was only a few days old at this point. Eek!!!

Lucy was obviously just as excited as I was!

Opa and Ben checking out the horses a bit closer.

Lucy and Opa...again, she wasn't shy.

Taylor and Ben enjoying some swing time with Aunt Suzanne.
We had a great time, and were sad to leave. It is hard to get all of my family together (there are only ten of them living somewhere other than Rockport), so we definitely enjoy it when we do. Since there will be two little cousins added to the bunch this summer, it might be a bit before we get to do this again.

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