Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas with Nana

Our last celebration was with Nana and the W's. Lucy and Ben are always excited to see their Houston cousins, and had a blast with them. We were able to have our Christmas celebration on Christmas eve, go to the Christmas Eve service at Nana's church, have Christmas lunch at our house (hmmm...fajitas!), and one last get together at Nana's with a surprise for her on Christmas night.

Everyone just getting to Nana's. The W's have a tradition of getting PJs for Christmas, and wearing them to open presents.

Ben and Jono. Oh these two...boy do they love each other. They are like best cousins. It would be wonderful if we lived closer to them...I know these boys would love it.

Kiddos opening gifts. Look at that hair on Hazel!! Lucy is the only girl on either side of our families with straight hair.

Lucy and Baby Sally.

Nana showing Ben his combo Christmas and Birthday gift of a train table. He plays with this

Lucy and Nana checking out Sally.

Jono showing off his flying chicken game. Hilarious!

Nana giving Samuel his snuggy of a soft, yellow elephant.

Samuel showing off the adorable hat that Aunt Erin made him. I wish I had her talent.

Charlie playing with the cars.

Lucy acting as goalie. Not sure that she got the point of her job... She is at least enjoying the hat Aunt Erin made her. Again, isn't she talented?!?

Lucy, David with Hazie, Charlie, Nana and Ben - enjoying some time outside before it started raining.

Lucy more interested in taking photos.

All the boys playing ball in the back yard at Nana's.

More soccer. Lucy looks a little more ready.

Ben and Charlie. Charlie might be the most photogenic child we've ever met.

The Cousins and Lucy.

The kid's table during dinner.

Christmas morning was at our house and the cousins brought their bounce house with them. It was a hit...mostly.

Ben and Lu.

Samuel and me staying inside where it was warm.

Back at Nana's for dinner on Christmas...the kid's table again. They are getting so big!

Gotta love that face...he was annoyed that Nana would take his other finger to walk with him. He has strong opinions, and is not afraid to let you know about them.

Hazie dressed as a Christmas angel. We surprised Nana by dressing the kids up with Nativity costumes. I was able to borrow everything from a friend at church, who has them for her grandkids to dress up with every year. It was so fun.

Jono the Shepherd

Ben (shepherd), Charlie (Joseph), Lucy (Mary) and Hazel (angel)

Attempting to get the kids situated for pictures. Samuel the Shepherd was not very cooperative.

The three that seemed to actually enjoy this. Charlie, Hazel and Lucy.

Samuel didn't last long.

Hazie was a great angel. She might just look the part.

Charlie, Hazel, Lucy and Jono

We ended the night with our little crew watching a Charlie Brown Christmas and eating popcorn. It was a good end to a great time of celebrating and fun.

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