Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub

Three kids in a tub!

The night before Thanksgiving all three kids took a bath together for the first time. Lu and Ben usually take a bath together, but this was Sam's first time. He liked it much more than his normal, lonely baths.

Don't they look like they are having fun?! Of course, I love getting to watch all our kiddos play together. It brings me a lot of joy to see them begin to form friendships with each other.
And as a side note - can you believe Samuel is now 10 months old!? Where did my newborn go? He is so cute I just want to squeeze I do! :)


Crissy said...

That is bathtub full of children! I bet ya'll had a fun time. I can't believe how much they are growing up! They are all so cute :)

AmandaH said...

Kevin just laughed at this picture! Miss you girl. Glad I found your blog (through Nathan's). Email me!