Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Friends

We were blessed to get to spend time with the Dorin family while they were in town at the end of September. The last time we saw this familiy was in May, right before they left to spend the summer in Camaroon with Wycliffe Associates. Lucy and I have especially missed our dear mother/daughter friends, Annie and Dannielle. So, were were more than a little excited to see them!!

While Matthew and Annie were busy at a event one afternoon, we were able to watch the girls. It ended up being such a sweet time with them, and this little one, Lily, was not even sitting up yet the last time we saw her!

Somehow we all forgot to get any pictures of us together as families (probably because we were too busy TALKING), but I did manage this one of Lily while babysitting. Isn't she adorable? I think so.

I will have pics soon of our kids, the Dorin girls and the Osterberg boys all at the park the next much fun. Until then, you can just enjoy sweet Lily's face. :)

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