Friday, October 15, 2010

Picnic Lunch with Daddy

The kids and I recently met Nathan downtown at Burnett Park for a picnic lunch. The kids loved the new rope structure to climb that was added with the renovation last year.

It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed getting to have that mid-day time with the most special man in all our lives. :)


Crissy said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Ben is such a big guy now...And Lucy's hair makes her look so much older!

Amy said...

For some reason you blog posts aren't coming through my feed! :( I can't believe they climbed so high up that rope thing! Especially Ben. Coen wants to climb stuff like that, but is still too scared.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, private blogs won't come up on feeds. Sorry!

I know, I was surprised they were able to do it. Made me a bit nervous. lol