Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I am so grateful these kiddos love their smoothies packed with lots of greens, yogurt, berries and banana. It has been a great way to get some good stuff into picky eaters. :)


Brittany said...

what's the recipe for that smoothie?? I might need to try that out!

Crissy said...

Now that is one cute kid!

Stephanie said...

Brittany, it isn't a set recipe. It changes depending on what I have on hand. The basic recipe is 2 C spinach, 1 banana (I like them frozen), 1 tsp honey (sometimes we leave this out), 1/2-1 C frozen fruit (berries are the best!) and enough water to make sure it actually blends well, but it still thick and icey. I usually add in a green supplement and some yogurt, it just depends.

Other veggies that I've found work well in smoothies (mild taste) are leftover steamed broccoli, zucchini (make sure it is unseasoned though) and leftover sweet potato.

Also, you can add juice if you like, but we aren't really juice drinkers here. However, we will add just a whole orange or clementines once in a while. That is nice.

Stephanie said...

I should add that you can add other greens, but I find spinach to be the best. Plus, things like collard greens and kale really need to be cooked slightly for optimal health.

Oh, and leafy greens should be organic. They are the worst items to buy conventionally...especially kale and collard greens. I can share links if you like.