Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today we celebrated Lucy's 4th birthday (her actual birthday is tomorrow). It was a lot of fun, and I plan on posting pictures later this week or next. I also a separate post about our sweet girl turning FOUR! However, I wanted to get a couple of things down from some recent conversations with this girlie.

It seems like we've known a lot of people having birthdays lately. As we've talked about these, or attended birthday parties, Lucy has inevitably been thinking a lot about birthday cakes. Fairly often (every day as of late) she will tell us what kind of cake she wants for certain birthdays.

I wish I could remember them all, but can't. However, she did have one request that I had to post about. I can't remember what we were doing yesterday when Lucy started talking about birthday cakes. She looked at me and said, "for my eighteenth birthday I want a princess party and a cake shaped like Cinderella because I love princesses and they are beautiful!!!" Hilarious! I wonder what she'd do if I actually made her a Cinderella cake for her 18th birthday? I might have to surprise her with that one.

Since we celebrated Lucy's birthday today, we let her pick a restaurant to eat at for dinner. To her father's delight, she picked Kincaid's. I am pretty sure this is Nathan's favorite restaurant in Fort Worth...or possibly anywhere.

On our way to Kincaid's tonight Lucy was talking about her friend Lucy (yes, they are both named Lucy) that was at our house this morning to celebrate her birthday. She was a little confused on how we knew Lucy since they don't go to our church. So, we were explaining that Nathan and I had gone to church with her mommy in college (for you Focusites, that would be Anne Marie). Lucy asked what college was and Nathan told her it was a place you went to learn how to do things for when you grow up, like being an architect. She thought for a few minutes and said, "I would like to go to college to learn to be a princess." LOL!

I told Nathan she wouldn't even have to leave town since TCU is in Fort Worth. Plus, she could even wear purple. Ha! Obviously, I meant that jokingly (no offense to those that love TCU).

That girl is such a delights. Even now I am thinking about how four years ago at this moment I was in the beginning stages of labor, eager to meet our first-born child. Only the Lord knew what a blessing she would be to us in so many ways. Gosh, I love that girl!!


Haley said...

Love that! If you find a college that has a "princess major" please let us know, because Eva will want to go there. Maybe she and Lu can be roomies! :)

petro said...

Ok, but y'all have to include Makayla because she definitely would want to be in on this princess party! Stephanie, I love reading your stories and encouragements. Thanks for writing!

Crissy said...

Well...I'm not so sure about a princess major, but I am certain Lucy is a major princess!
Happy Birthday, beautiful one!

The Happy Hipster said...

SO cute! Dani misses Lu! Missin' you lots and lots Friend.

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute!!! Happy (late) Birthday Lucy!
And as far as majors go...I wish they offered that when I was in college! SHe would make a GREAT princess, haha!