Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finger Paints

I saw a recipe online recently for homemade washable finger paints. As soon as I saw it I wrote the recipe down to make for Lucy and Ben. It was very easy and quick to make (under 5 minutes), and I had all the ingredients on hand.
Lucy had more fun with this than Ben. As usual with crafting, Ben tried to eat the paint. I think he was a bit disappointed since it has dish soap in it. After that he was just done and wanted down. Lucy wanted to finish her masterpiece for Daddy to put up at his desk at work.

For anyone that is interested, here is the recipe.


Abigail Hutchinson said...

How cool! I am going to save the recipe for future use! heheh!

Mom said...

That looks like fun. Lucy certainly was concentrating on her artwork. :)

Haley said...

That looks like fun!

Mommypotamus said...

We received some finger paint for Katie's birthday and there was no pigment when we opened them! Weird, I know, but I was more excited than Katie about finger painting and therefore more disappointed, too. Can't wait to try this myself!