Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lucy is finally hitting the "why?" and "what's that?" stage. It seems like she just keeps asking either one until you finally answer. Lucy and Nathan had the following conversation while we were in the van tonight:

L: What's that?
N: The Vending Nut.
L: What's that?
N: It's where they sell nuts.
L: What's that?
N: Fort Worth Billiards.
L: What's that?
N: Kilpatrick Insurance.
L: Let's sing "Blessed Assurance"
N: Okay.

Nathan is pretty sure she thought he said Kilpatrick Assurance and that is why she asked to sing "Blessed Assurance". He may be right.


lostinrain said...

Tegan is driving me crazy asking me to explain the metaphors in the songs on the radio.

Melissa said...

We've also hit the why/why not stage and chatting non-stop! It's exhausting but how can you squelch it - they're just trying to learn. That's what I have to remind myself! :)