Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who dresses this kid?


It is fairly normal to find Lucy wearing something completely random after "quiet time" (used to be known as nap time). Lately she's taken to wearing her tutu to bed over her pajamas. She loves to dress herself up, and we let her go for it...for the most part.

This was today's outfit. We couldn't help but get this documented on film. I love this girl!


Melissa said...

That's too cute! I think it is good for them to get to make decisions like that and express themselves. Last night I was uploading new pictures of Abby dressed in unique combinations. Seems like the girls would have fun together! Maybe again someday.

Brittany said...

She is SO funny! I love her since of style! ;)

Haley said...

There is nothing better than a toddler who dressed themselves! There was a little girl at school the other day who had on striped pants than she had pulled up to make them look like shorts and then had on tall striped socks (completely opposite from the stripes on her pants) that came up over her knees. It was hilarious!

Mom said...

What a great outfit! Definitely a creative dresser!!!

Heather Dessinger said...

What a cute little girl! My daughter dresses herself too ; - )

BTW, your pizza crust recipe is ready. Our new family favorite!