Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Months

Our sweet Samuel turned two months old on Sunday. Gosh, where does the time go!!??!! I love every day with this sweet baby. It seems like with each new addition the more I begin to grasp why children are called a blessing. I definitely enjoy each stage more, and cherish these days, as I know things change so fast.

Right now Sam is really a smiley guy and is cooing all the time - I love it! He has a little giggle, which is adorable. He definitely prefers me over everyone else, though he enjoys getting to smile and coo at Nathan and Lucy (Ben is too busy to stop and play with Sam most of the time). It is pretty amazing to me that he can be crying in someone else's arms, but as soon as I pick him up he is fine. :) He is still sleeping better than Lucy or Ben ever did as babies - praise the Lord! And like his big brother, he is a champion nurser - another praise the Lord! :)

Now, I might be slightly obsessed over comparing weights of Ben and Sam, but if you saw Ben as a baby you'd understand why. He was enormous...26 lbs at 6 months. Seriously. He didn't even nurse that often - he just got really big, really fast. It appears that Sam's weight gaining is slowing down significantly compared to Ben. I am honestly thankful for that, though I do love my Chunkers. Ben was just so big and hard to carry around that I am hoping that won't be the case with Samuel.

So here is the breakdown so far with them...

Birth - 8 lbs 6 oz
2 Weeks - 9 lbs 15 oz
1 Month - 11 lbs 15 oz
2 Months - 15 lbs 13 oz

Birth - 9 lbs 7 oz
2 Weeks - 11 lbs 3 oz
1 Month - 12 lbs 15 oz
2 Months - 14 lbs 15 oz

After Samuel's one month appointment, I was starting to get a little concerned. I mean, he started out a pound heavier, and seemed to be on the exact same growth curve...sheesh! However, I noticed in the last month that Sam started to slow down on chunking up, but was getting much longer. He is currently wearing 3-6 months and is going to be out of those soon in length. He is 24 1/2 inches long right now, an inch longer than Ben at the same age.

Regardless of how big (or small) my kids are, I love them to pieces and know they are some of the sweetest blessings I'll ever get to experience.

By the way, we were coming back from my sister's wedding in San Antonio on Sunday, so I am just getting the chance to post this. Unfortunately, our most recent photos are still on film (waiting to be developed), so I will have more recent pictures soon. Very soon.

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Crissy said...

Happy 2 Months Samuel! We look forward to seeing pictures of your cute lil' face :)