Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pound for Pound Challenge

We don't own a television, so I can not tell you the last time I regularly watched a show. I generally find that TV sucks away my time, so we removed the temptation almost four years ago. However, I somehow started watching Season 9 of Biggest Loser on hulu.com...and I am hooked.

If you happen to watch this show you know that they frequently have commercials for the Pound for Pound Challenge. I have been working on losing some baby weight (yeah right, that would be from three babies), and wanted to pledge that weight to our local food bank.

All you do is go to their site, click "pledge", and fill in the info. For every pound you pledge (up to 50 lbs a person), they will donate $0.14 to your local food bank. That is roughly the equivalent of one pound of food.

Easy enough, right? So, what are you waiting on? If you are working to lose weight, or planning on it, go pledge that to help feed the hungry people in your community.

And no, I am not sharing how much I "donated". ;)

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Brittany said...

That is AWESOME!!! And I feel you girl, I have THREE times the baby weight to loose as well!