Monday, March 8, 2010



I was thinking about nicknames recently for Samuel. Of course, we call him either Samuel or Sam most of the time, but we like having other names to call the kids.
Lucy mostly gets called Lucy or Lu. I will call her Sweetie or (her favorite) my sweet baboo (Charlie Brown, anyone?) a lot as well. I don't recall any other nicknames we have given her since her birth.
Ben has had a lot. Obviously, we call him Benjamin or Ben. When he turned out to be a monster of a baby, Nathan came up with different variations of chunk. Mr. Chunkers, Sir Chunks A Lot, Chunkers, etc. You get the point. Thankfully, those names are going away.
It looks like Samuel with also be large baby like Ben (Nathan is a bit frightened by this). Erin thinks we should refer to him as Return of the Chunk. I literally laughed out loud at that one. Funny, but probably not. It still makes me laugh though.
Then I remembered Sam the Ham. Cute and fitting, I think. Of course, the nickname isn't original to our Sam. It is what we called my sister, Samantha, as a kid. She was...healthy and very cute (and there was another reason for the nickname, but I won't go that far to embarrass her). We rarely called her Samantha, usually Sam. (And yes I realize, that probably is confusing to have a son and sister named Sam, but I like it). So, Samantha, I hope you don't mind that your old nickname has been pulled from retirement and given to our sweet Samuel.
And for the record...I tried to find one of the pictures of the original Sam the Ham, but was not successful. Anyone want to share one for me to post?


Garza Family said...

I love it! Now, lets hope Sam doesn't take a liking to raw meat!

Mom said...

Everyone at my work calls him Sam I Am; as in, "Hey Cathy, how's Sam I Am?".

I think he needs a Green Eggs and Ham shirt.


Stephanie said...

I forgot that they all call him that. lol

After posting this I thought of a lot of other nicknames for the kids (and MUCH nicer ones for Ben...poor kid). Lucy Goosey, Ben Boy and others.

I like both Sam the Ham and Sam I am. Of course, he could still be Baby Who. ;)