Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rio Concho

A while back Nathan and I took the kids to eat lunch at Rio Concho Aviation. This is a small restaurant at Hicks Airport for the people that live out there (yes, people live AT the airport!), small airplane and helicopter owners flying in the area, and just the general public.

Our friends, Jess and Nicole, tooks us here to eat about 4 years ago (wow, how is it possible it was that long ago?!) Though we hadn't been back, we had talked about how much fun the kids would have watching the planes come in and out while we ate right off the runway. Turned out there wasn't much traffic on the gloomy Saturday we went, but it was still fun. Maybe we can get some friends to go in the Spring with us. I am sure all the kids would have a blast.

Lucy posing for a picture. Silly girl.
Some of the small aircraft outside.

They had a patio to eat on with this swing hooked up. The kids thought it was great.

Nathan and Ben enjoying the chilly weather.

Lucy's turn!

My handsome boys. :)

Me, carrying two while pushing one...

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