Friday, July 3, 2009

Rockport: Ringing the Bell, Tex-Mex and Graduation

There is a tradition at one of the local elementary schools where the 5th graders that are leaving the school ring the bell. It is a whole ceremony. And since my sister, Elizabeth, was at that school and in 5th grade (don't let her height fool you), she became one of the many that rang out while we were in Rockport.

It was interesting to watch this since no one else in our family went to this particular school. Aransas County has totally changed up the division of students amongst the is weird.

Anyway. Here is Liz shaking the hands of...I am not sure who, and ringing the bell. Doesn't she look excited? She wasn't. She actually cried when we left the school since it was her last time there and to see all of her teachers. It was really sweet.

Here is a picture of the "Big Girls." A term affectionately given to the three oldest of the girls in our family. My mom and dad had two sets of three girls. The big girls and the little girls...well that, and throw in a step-brother, two step-sisters, a half sister and a half brother. There's a lot of us. Ben was in a great mood, and hid from the camera. But, from L to R, Ben, me, Lucy, Shannon, Samantha and Emah.
Sam and I are sporting our Becos here...don't mind that I look like I could choke on the chest strap being that high. That's not normal. Really.

Another interesting tradition (actually, I think it is a new thing) is that Liz's school had various animals running about the grounds. Chickens. At a public school. Who knew?

Here Lucy, Shannon and Nathan were waiting on us to get back. As you can see, Lucy is licking the glass. Lovely. Nathan seems completely unfazed. She never got sick from that, so I suppose it wasn't a big deal.

After the ringing of the bell we let Liz pick out where to go for lunch. As always, we ended up at our favorite Tex-Mex place in Rockport. Los Comales. Yum! You should try it if you are ever in town. Their green salsa is delicious. This and Panjo's Pizza are our favorite local places to eat in Rockport.
I managed to get some pictures of Emah and Ben (and one really bad one of Shannon and Nathan). Aren't they cute? I think so.

The next night was my sister Sarah's high school graduation. I still am having a hard time with the fact that she is already 18 since in my mind she is only 3, but it appears I am wrong.

My mom and Lucy in the stands waiting for everything to start. Lucy loves her Gigi. And yes, RFHS still has all their graduations at the football stadium. We are old school like that.

Ben being entertained with a water bottle. A high school graduation is not the most enjoyable place to be with a toddler. I am glad there won't be another graduation for quite a while.

Nathan with Lucy and Ben after the ceremony walking on the track.

An attempt at a family photo on the field after graduation. These never turn out. There are too many of us. Plus, now there are four grandchildren who never cooperate for pictures. However, this is what we ended up with. From L to R: Shannon, Stacey, Cassi, Samantha, Emah, Mom, Sarah, Liz, Kelcey, Liz's friend (no idea who that was), me, Lucy, Suzanne and Taylor (our newest niece!).

We are pretty bad about taking pictures when we are in Rockport, so we ended up with none from the next day, which was mostly spent at my dad's. Every trip down my dad does a huge seafood boil for us to all share. It is awesome - shrimp, crawfish, king crab, stone crab claws, sausage, potatoes, and corn. We always enjoy the feast, but enjoy the company more.
As always, it is always bittersweet to leave. It is nice to get back home and into our own routine and not living out of a bag. At the same time though, I miss getting to see all my siblings and parents on a regular basis. But that is why we have cell phones, email and keep up with each other in between those visits. I still miss them all.

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