Friday, July 3, 2009

Pit Stop in Austin

The last weekend in May our family travelled to Rockport to celebrate my sister Sarah's high school graduation. And as usual, we made a pit stop in Austin to enjoy some of the great local food and show the kids around the UT campus.

First stop - Hula Hut. Usually we go to Chuy's, but we wanted something a bit different, but not too different since they are owned by the same company. The kids enjoyed playing outside a bit after our lunch.

Second stop - UT Co-op Bookstore. No pictures, it was a bust. We were hoping to find Lucy a UT shirt to sport, but came up empty-handed. What happened to a simple Longhorn shirt for girls. They either were pink, had something about a princess or cheerleader...I won't even get started on why we aren't buying anything of the sort for her.

Third stop - UT campus. We walked around, used the bathrooms in the Union and played near Littlefield Fountain for a bit. It was extremely hot, but the kids really enjoyed having some time out of the car to run around.

We ended our pit stop by getting ice cream at the CVS on The Drag. It was a nice way to cool off in this lovely Texas heat. Plus, Nathan and I are suckers for ice cream.

I'll end with a picture of something we see quite often in our car, especially on car trips. This was not long after we left Austin to continue on to Rockport...or before they both fell asleep for a nice afternoon nap.


Haley Frederick said...

That last pic melts my heart!!

lostinrain said...

Next time you are driving through Austin and I'm in town, you should make a pit stop at my house! We almost always have ice cream AND sewing machines, fabric, 5 acres of running around space, and a 15ft trampoline w/ safety net :)

Other play-area good restaurants: The Rudy's CS&BBQ on 360 just west of Mopac and the Waterloo Ice House on Slaughter and Escarpment. That Waterloo has a full, fenced in playground!

And, hey! There's an Amy's Ice Cream on the drag! Why did you go to CVS?

Stephanie said...

Oh, we love Rudy's. I haven't been to the one on 360 since I lived in Austin. We ate at Waterloo on the way back, but it was the one on Lamar. Good to know about the playground! Sometimes we go to Central Market since they have such a great play area as well. And there is an Amy's on the drag?! Yeah, we definitely would have gone there had we realized that (it has changed a lot since we moved away!!!).

Kenny and Chrissy said...

Good for you for not giving in to the whole "girls should wear pink and be cheerleaders" mentality. We are in Knoxville, TN, (the other UT) and have the same problem finding our little girl collegiate gear. However, I REFUSE to give in.