Friday, April 3, 2009


Life has been very busy around here lately, and posting on here has been the last thing on my mind. Actually, that's not true. I have thought a lot about posting, but it has been really low on my list of priorities.

High on that list is taking care of sick kids...again.

When we went to Rockport a few weeks ago Ben and I both got sick. I felt like I had the flu, and Ben was just really fussy with lots of nose drainage. I ended up taking him to see a very nice pediatrician in Rockport, who was able to help us out. Thankfully, Ben didn't have RSV again (because more than once in a given season is more than enough), his lungs were clear and he didn't have the flu. It made for a long visit with family, but it all worked out and it was still a blessing to see everyone.

When we got back from Rockport Lucy started acting like she didn't feel well, and was up coughing a few nights in a row. She had croup. Poor thing. She still has a bit of nose drainage, but has rebounded great. Ben, not so much. He is getting over a double ear infection and some nasty, green drainage. Thankfully he is starting to act like himself again, and is even starting to sleep like himself again (Praise God!).

So, between preparing for a solo trip out of town with the kids, going out of town, getting back, kids being sick and just my regular job as a homemaker, posting to my blog just hasn't happened. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time to post about some things I've been thinking about, but you never know.


shannon spaulding said...

i'm sorry all the kiddies have been so sick. that's no fun. :(

Hot Belly Mama said...

Hi, I was browsing the topic of babywearing and came across your blog. I just decided to do this myself when our baby is born in June/July. I am not getting a lot of support from friends around me but would love to hear any advice you might have to offer!

Stephanie said...

Hot Belly Mama - thanks for posting, and congrats on your baby due this Summer. They are such a blessing...a lot of work, but a blessing for sure!

As for the babywearing. Our Bradley instructor and someone online friends were the ones that really opened my eyes to this. No one really said much to our faces about this, but we knew that some thought it was a bit weird and extreme. And honestly, we seem to do things a bit different than a lot of people we know. We know that we are sometimes viewed as weird, strange, "out there", etc, but we just don't let it bother us. We do what we feel is best for our children and family and try not to worry about what others think/say. Does that make sense?