Thursday, March 12, 2009

March is National Craft Month

I get regular emails from JoAnn's with special offers and coupons for their store. My most recent email had LOTS of coupons in it, and boldly proclaimed that March is National Craft Month. And it's a good thing...I have a lot to finish this month...

- Two birthday tutus for my friend Denise's daughter, Bekah.
- Pouch sling for my friend, Michelle, who is due very soon
- Pouch sling for my sister, Suzanne, who is due at the beginning of May
- Easter dress (it is pattern D, which will double as a dress for Nana's wedding) for Lucy
- Possibly a skirt for me...but likely not going to happen for a LONG time
- Cloth diapers and covers...these just sit there cut out and waiting for me to sew them...some day.

I did recently finish this dress for Lucy with pattern B. Pictures will follow in a few days. I made it a is big, except in the length. Note to self: Lucy is tall and skinny now. I will have to be more careful in choosing patterns for her.

Looks like I'll be busy being crafty in March.

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Amanda said...

Stephanie! You are so giving to think of everyone but you should definitely treat yourself to a new homemade skirt.

I miss hanging out! Call me soon. Amanda