Thursday, February 5, 2009

LIttle Red Dress

Last weekend I had a baby shower to go to for a friend at church. The shower was a surprise since we all know that she would not have allowed it had she known about it. I knew that since she has three kiddos under three, that she likely had all the baby gear she needed. However, her oldest two are boys, while #3 was a little girl - Anna. So, I thought a cute outfit and bow (she has lots of hair!) would be just the thing for her.

The search for a cute pattern was on. I really like free online tutorials for sewing (yeah, I'm frugal and they are easier to follow), so I decided to go that route. Lo and behold, I found this pretty quickly. I knew it would be perfect, but she didn't have a pattern for the bloomers, so I went ahead and used one I already had from the McCall's M4812 pattern. Simple enough. Lastly, I used this tutorial to make the bow with the same fabrics.

I definitely like how this turned out, though I'll change it a bit next time I make this. I think the contrasting fabric around the neckline is too thin, and I'll probably add some ric rac to jazz it up a bit .

Also, this was my very first time to make bias tape, and work with that while sewing an outfit. It was actually very easy, until Lucy decided to cut some of it up. At least she didn't cut all of it up. Regardless, I am excited to have another sewing trick mastered. It will definitely make for some fun future projects.


Crissy said...

This is VERY cute! I am sure the new blessing will be beautiful in that!

Crissy said...

My question after reading the tutorial is, "How did you know how much fabric to use since you couldn't measure the kiddo?" I'm thinking of doing this for my niece. Her b-day is this month. Also, the fabric you have, is it 100% cotton?

Mom said...

What a cute outfit!! Great job, Stephanie!

Stephanie said...

Crissy - I did some google searches for infant sizing for clothes. Based on what I found I was able to guestimate for a 9-12 month sized outfit. Hope that helps! If not, call me. :)