Sunday, February 1, 2009

It looked like a parking lot.

Since Nathan basically works for an engineering firm (though his profession is not engineering, but architecture) they get lots of emails about safety. Some are helpful, some are not. Nathan sent me the video below a while back. After you watch this you can probably figure out why my husband thought about passing this on to me.

So, a word to the wise: make sure it really is a parking lot.


Haley Frederick said...

So I tend to find the humor in small details. I think it is hilarious that the guy turns his emergency flashers on. As if, someone might be confused when they saw the car in the water. So funny!

Brittany said...

That is hilarious! And also kinda sad, because I would probably be the car in the water!
Haley: Oh my goodness! I saw that but it didn't really register until you wrote that! I busted up laughing when it clicked!!!

Amanda said...

One time I was riding with my mom, at night, in a strange place, and despite all her advice to me not to do this, she drove over some water. We got stuck straddling a curb (I think) because her side was dipping in the water up to her knees and my side was up. She had to get out and walk knee-deep in water to a gas station across the street to get some help.

So, not ice, but people do dumb things!