Friday, February 6, 2009

More Green Stuff...

I realized earlier today that I had a few things to add to my post about The Green Stuff. I am not sure why, but it appears that my little Lucy likes quite a few green things that are healthy, and pretty rare for a wee one of her age. I will be completely honest and say she still isn't a great eater, and we battle over food most days, but not when it comes to two things.

The first is the green drink...behold!

I am sure at this point you are thinking, "what is a green drink, and do I even want to know what makes it green?" I'll go ahead and answer that for you. A green drink is basically a smoothie with greens (in our case, organic spinach) added for an extra boost and a lovely color (not really, it is just for the health benefit).

Both Lucy and Ben really like the green drink. And who could blame them, you can't even taste the spinach and smoothies are always yummy. And speaking of this yumminess, here is the basic recipe I use:

2 bananas (frozen or not, lately mine have been fresh)
8 strawberries (again, frozen or not, lately mine have been fresh)
1/2 to 1 cup rice milk (or juice of your choice, I just happen to have this on hand)
2 T flax seeds
2 cups raw, organic spinach

Blend until smooth and enjoy!


The second thing is broccoli. Weird, I know. Lucy's name is so appropriate for her...she is just a funny little girl. Nathan can barely force himself to eat steamed broccoli, while Lucy will continue to eat it and ask for more until she is stuffed. I am not sure why she finds these little florets so delightful, but I'll take it! Again, food is a constant battle in our home, so I am trying more and more to get the healthy stuff she'll eat into her whenever I can.

I should add that Ben hates broccoli. He loves the split pea soup and green drink like Lucy, but just will not tolerate broccoli. I think the boy would live on goldfish crackers and breastmilk alone if I let him.


Haley Frederick said...

My picky eater won't eat smoothies because they're too cold! I made that same smoothie but added blueberries so it wouldn't be green... she still wouldn't drink it. She does LOVE salad, though. She eats salad about once a day most of the time. I discovered that Eva will eat broccoli raw, but not steamed.
Oh, our little picky eaters!

Melissa said...

I have to add that Abby also likes broccoli, steamed not raw while I gag on the stuff. I'm going to try this smoothie, it looks and sounds good! Thanks for sharing!

Daniel and Amy said...

Hey Stephanie! Love your blog!

EL said...

I'm really enjoying your blog - i just found it by clicking on "thrifting" in my interests and wow, we have much in common! So, i'm now browsing your archived posts as i have time. My question about your smoothie recipe - do you make your own rice milk or buy? I do my own almond milk ocassionally and have hoped to try the rice. Let me know if you get a chance. Thanks:)

Stephanie said...

Thanks, EL. I will definitely have to check out your blogs as well (I did a bit earlier today). I do buy my own rice milk, but not that often. I am more of a water girl, and my husband doesn't like milk if it isn't from a cow. I have a recipe for almond milk, but haven't tried it. Is it easy to make?

EL said...

the almond milk is very easy but requires soaking the raw almonds for 24 hours beforehand, so when i need some quick 'milk' its out of the question... i think the rice would be done in a snap. i'll google that:) and my husband is very into real milk too - he did try the unsweetened soy milk and liked it 'alright' he said haha.

Amanda said...

I love spinach. I love the way it loses its flavor in sandwiches and wraps and simply provides a satisfying crunch. If my blender pitcher hadn't broken 5 years ago I would definitely try this smoothie.