Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Little Lucybell

In one of my posts about Christmas I mentioned Lucy's love for Tinkerbell. This might not seem funny to most people when they think of a two and a half year old girl and the recent movie that came out about this beloved character, but it is for Lucy. She hasn't seen this movie...or really that many at all. We don't own a television and only own a few DVDs to watch on the computer (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Davey and Goliath and a series of moves based on the Jane Austen novels).

Lucy's introduction to Tinkerbell was actually during the Disney DVD intro to Mary Poppins...for about three seconds. Tinkerbell zips around and flies to the front of the Disney logo. And that is it. That was all it took. I told her one time it was Tinkerbell, and she was hooked. Ever since then she has talked about Tinkerbell. Usually she just says, "Tinkerbell have wings, wear green." Sometimes she expands on that, sometimes she doesn't.
And since both my mom and Nathan's mom know of Lucy's love for Tinkerbell they both got her things for Christmas that related to her. Nana (Nathan's mom) got Lucy the outfit you see her wearing above. Thankfully it wasn't a Disney brand outfit (which, by the way, are not near as cute as the one above!) since we really want to keep brand/character specific toys and accessories out of our home. But Lucy loved the outfit...well, all but the wings. And I do believe that we are now beginning a collection for dress up clothes with this outfit.
The item from my mom, however, was the Tinkerbell hoodie that lights up when touched you see to your left. She knew in advance that I wouldn't be thrilled about this, but in her defense she does agree with out stance on this...she just couldn't pass this up when she saw it. And if you knew Lucy's love of Tinkerbell,
you'd understand why my mom wanted to get it for her. And yes, I am grateful for my mom's thoughtfulness in getting something for Lucy that she knew she'd like.
And a funny thing a
bout Tinkerbell...I am not sure how much I really like that Lucy likes her. I mean, I was going to post a side-by-side image of Tinkerbell and Lucy in her outfit, but realized how risque Tinkerbell's clothing is. That is definitely not something I want to promote with my toddler. So, hopefully her love for Tinkerbell will continue to diminish (as it has in the last month)...

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Crissy said...

She's the cutest Tinkerbell I have ever seen!

(And I understand your frustration with trying to "fix" a blog.)