Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas with Pa

We spent Christmas day at my dad's house with my sisters, brother, grandpa and my dad. It was a really relaxed time (as it always is over there), and we had a really good time. Bradley, my 10 year old brother, even gave the TV up for Lucy to watch The Sound of Music.

Here are some pictures of most of us...though we didn't get shots of everyone.

Emah and Pa. They are a cute pair.
Lucy opening gifts from Kike, Sam and Emah.

Opening the tutu I made her. She didn't like it. I am over it now.

Reading a Berenstain Bears book from Pa. This girl loves her books.

Ben was napping when everyone else opened gifts, so he opened his later.

Feel free to ignore that my sister, Shannon, got Ben an OSU cap. Someday her kids will get UT paraphernalia.

Ben, Emah and me. She's not so sure about this.

Lucy lovin' on her cousin, Emah.
Shannon and Emah.

Shannon helping Emah open her gift from Pa.

Ben playing with his new toys.

Emah and she's a bit more sure about things.

Pa, Emah, Grandpa, Ben and Sam. Emah wants a hug.

Sam and Ben. She's always that full of life.

Thank you, Pa, for a great Christmas celebration. It was a blessing, and we all enjoyed the time we were able to spend with you at the shop and house. We love and miss you!


Shannon Spaulding said...

great pictures! i like your new layout, too!

Abigail Hutchinson said...

Ah fun! Looks like christmas was a blast! I totally love your new background too!