Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas with Gigi and Opa

Since Christmas day was spent at my dad's house, we spend the morning and early afternoon of the 26th with my mom and step-dad (aka Gigi and Opa). We got to their house at about nine that morning to prepare for the festivities. All the kids and grand kids were gathered there. We opened gifts (we do a gift exchange over here - with nine kids and three, almost four, grand kids you really have to), relaxed, made fajitas and all the fixings for lunch, and enjoyed some yummy Tex-Mex.

The only not-so-fun thing that happened here was that Lucy and Nathan had a small incident. Nathan and Lucy were dancing and playing in the living room with some of my sisters and niece when Nathan was pulling Lucy up by her arms in a playful way. Almost immediately she started crying and said her arm hurt. She wouldn't move it and didn't want us to touch it. We were pretty unsure of what to do, and knew that we were to leave in the next hour or two for Austin. Gigi wasn't too confident in the closest hospital, and there were no urgent care facilities nearby.

I was able to get Lucy to nap for about an hour on my lap while Nathan and Opa killed the ants that decided to swarm the inside of our car (don't ask). When she woke up she seemed fine, but still wouldn't move her arm. She just said it hurt, but seemed okay. So, we decided to go ahead and drive to Austin and go straight to an urgent care facility when we got there. And you'll have to wait until my post about Christmas with Grandude and Grammy to hear the rest..

Until then, here are some pictures from Christmas with Gigi and Opa for you to enjoy.

Elizabeth, my youngest sister, and Emah. Liz is great with all of her nieces and nephew, and loves them A LOT!

Gigi (my mom), Emah, Grandma and Sam - four generations, each 25 years apart

Matt, Suzanne (Taylor), Cassi, Sam and Emah

Liz and Lucy. Lucy received three sets of Bob Books. I am so excited!

Lucy got another book!

One of my favorite gifts for the kids. Educational, wooden, and no batteries...what more could I ask for?

Lucy and the Tinkerbell sweatshirt. More to come on that in a later post.

Thank you, Gigi and Opa for letting us come early, crash at your house until Nathan was in town, eat your food, and for spending some great quality time with you all. It was a blessing. We love and miss you!

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