Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ABC's Christmas Party

Since the kids and I ended up going to Rockport earlier than we first planned we were able to go to the Christmas party at the preschool where my mom teaches. She has the youngest bunch of kids in her class, and the day was going to be really laid back, so we thought Lucy and Ben would enjoy the outing.

We showed up a bit later than anticipated due to Ben's nap starting later than normal. Since our family doesn't "do" Santa Claus (we will tell them who Saint Nicholas was instead, and teach them how God used him for His glory) I was hoping that we could avoid the whole scene of Santa giving all the kids gifts while we were there. Thankfully, Lucy was pretty freaked out by him and the number of people around him, so we went straight to my mom's classroom.

Lucy, Ben and I had such a fun time. All the kids played, ate pizza, grapes, cookies and chips for lunch and then played some more. Lucy was a bit overwhelmed by the older girls in the class wanting to "mommy" her. She isn't fond of anyone but her real mommy doing that. There was one little girl she had fun playing. She was the youngest in the class.

I was only able to get a few pictures, and the one of Lucy isn't great, but at least there is one.


Mom said...

I am cracking up at whatever Ben was eating. No hands! How convenient!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Ben looks more and more like Nathan everyday! :) How sweet!