Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving last week at Nana's house with the cousins on Nathan's side. All the kids had a blast together. Well, mostly Lucy and Jono since the other three are babies. Regardless, it was lots of it was Nana's birthday!

Here are some pictures that were taking by one of Nana's friends on Thanksgiving morning. (Sorry that Jono's face is marked out...he is a foster kiddo and I can't show his face for safety reasons).

Nana and all her grandbabies

The whole gang

Charlie, Hazel and Ben - the babies

Lucy, Ben and Jono



Brittany said...

GREAT pictures!!! how fun!!!

Garza Family said...

I love the pictures...too cute!

Crissy said...

The pictures are fantastic! What a big happy family!

Haley Frederick said...

Precious pictures. Lucy is getting so big! Ben, too for that matter. It's so fun that they have cousins to play with.

Sara S. said...

ADORABLE pictures!