Monday, October 27, 2008

Colleen's Fundraiser

Since I was about six month pregnant with Lucy, I have been part of an online cloth diapering and natural family living online community. Though I am no longer part of the original community, I am on a private, spin-off message board that has about 200 members that are all pretty close to each other. Recently our board has been grieving the death of one of our members, Colleen. Liver cancer took her life quickly and left her husband and two children (5 and 2) without a wife and mother.

It has been amazing to see everyone pull together to raise money for her hospital bills and Christmas for the kids. We, as a board, collected funds to give to her before she passed away, and now many of the WAHMs (work at home moms) have put all of their talents together for an amazing fundraiser to provide to Colleen's family.

The fundraiser it being hosted by the Tiny Lady Cooperative, of which Colleen was a part of. I would encourage anyone to take a look and consider buying or bidding on any items you are interested in. The money is going to a worthy cause...two sweet kids without a mother.

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Brittany said...

Hey, how sad! I will definitely have to look at some of that yarn! BEAUTIFUL! Isn't that SG? Don't you have to be invited by a member...pick me! ;)