Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beco Butterfly Sale!

Just a heads up to all you mamas (and papas) that may be in the market for a new baby carrier. Beco Baby Carrier's Beco Butterflies are on sale right now since they are about to come out with a new version that has a removable infant insert. These can be used from newborn to 45 lbs on your front or back, and have a built-in infant insert for smaller babies. Plus, they come in very cool prints.
You can check out the sale at Cotton Babies if you are interested. And if you are thinking that $70 is a lot for a baby carrier, most people pay that much or more than that for a Bjorn that only goes up to either 22 or 26 lbs (depending on the style).
Anyway. Take a look. I have a Beco 4th Generation that I love. They are very well-made.

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