Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our time in Tennessee

Okay. So, you'll have to forgive me, because these pictures are in the reverse order from how I meant to upload them. Annoying, but oh well...I am too lazy, I mean busy, to change them.

Labor Day weekend this year we went to Millington, Tennessee to visit Nathan's side of the family for his Papaw's 80th surprise birthday. We don't get to see his side of the family but every few years, and most of them had never met the kids. I am really glad we decided to make the trip up there. It was so much fun!

We stayed at Uncle Jack and Aunt Sue's house. Sue and Buzz (Nathan's dad) are brother and sister. Most of the family is now in Millington, though they used to almost all be in Arkansas. Sue and Jack were wonderful hosts, and were very accommodating (they even let us wash diapers at their house!). It really was just a great weekend with family.

Enjoy the pictures of the celebration.

Alec blowing out the candles for his birthday celebrated on Saturday night. The whole family went to eat some pork barbeque (which is just wrong, by the way...everyone knows that barbeque is beef!).

Lucy and Uncle Jack. She still talks about him all the time. She really loved hanging out with him.

The Carruth Clan - Sue, Mike, Al (Papaw), Buzz (Nathan's dad), Peggy (Memaw) and Dee

Buzz and Helen (aka Grandude and Grammy)

Our family

The boys celebrating their dad's birthday

Dee and her son, Jared

Alec opening presents on his birthday.

Ben was passed out on Grandude most of the meal. I am pretty sure that his arm was sore the next day.

Papaw and Memaw looking at his birthday cards.

Uncle Jack made lucy a few balloon animals. Who knew that architects did more than just draw buildings?

Jace and Ben on the floor playing. Ben loved all the kids.

It is safe to say that Papaw was surprised by the party. He didn't have a clue what had been planned.

Buzz, Aunt Donna, Ben and Helen

Ben hitchin' a ride on his mama's back.

Papaw, meet Ben.
Memaw, meet Lucy.

Lucy and Alec hit it off right away.

Alec as some super hero. His brother, Jace, obviously wasn't too interested. Regardless, it was pretty funny to watch him fly through the room.

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Kate Thomas said...

Now come on Stephanie, EVERYONE knows BBQ is pork and brisket is beef. :)