Thursday, August 14, 2008

Visitors from Memphis

Last week the kids and I had fun entertaining some family from Memphis. Nathan's Aunt Sue, Uncle Jack, and cousins, Katie and Sarah, came into town for the Rangers/Yankees game (to support the Yankees, I might add). And since they were going to be in Texas, they wanted to visit as much family as they could. Thankfully, they were able to come buy on Tuesday to get to meet Lucy and Ben, and have a little lunch. We had a great time, and Lucy absolutely loved all the attention...and all the purses to go through.

Here are some pictures from the visit. Unfortunately, I don't have any of Katie or Jack. You can barely glimse the side of Sarah's face, but mostly they are of Sue enjoying the babies.

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Sara S. said...

What a fun visit! I love that Lucy goes through purses. Ella does that too! She has even done it with strangers...awkward! Lucy is getting so big, and her little outfit is adorable!