Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lucy Funnies

This morning we were eating waffles for breakfast and Nathan was talking to Lucy and asking her to repeat him. Part of the sentance was to say "for you". Lucy said, "five you." She hear four and knew five came after that. So, obviously that is what she should say. She can count to 10, but you have to prompt her on the four to keep going. Silly girl, that gave us a good laugh this morning.

Also, for a while now Lucy has been able to put together certain family members that "go" together. She already knew that David, Erin, Jono, Charlie and Hazel were all together. Lately, however, she will just randomly say, "two babies...twins! Hazel, Charlie...twins!" It is adorable, and really funny. I guess she realizes that the two babies are twins and go together. Nathan ever got her out of bed last Saturday morning and she said, "two babies."

And for fun, I figured I post a few pictures of these sweet twins (though these are from a month ago).

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Brittany said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! The twins are so beautiful!...tell Erin for me...also Lucy is hilarious...and very smart! I miss you guys...and we will have to meet up soon!