Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look what I did during naps!

For Christmas Nathan and I got Lucy a wooden kitchen. Her Nana, Memaw and friend, Amy, all have given her various wooden and fabric foods, along with some metal pots/pans, that go with the kitchen. It is a great play item that will definitely last for our grandkids.

At first, Lucy was not very fond of the kitchen. She loved the toy food, but didn't really "get" the kitchen. Things have changed. She loves it now, and really enjoys making us food to eat from her pantry of wooden food. It is super cute and sweet (just like her...most of the time).

Also, Lucy has been helping me make dinner every day for quite a while now. Sometimes I use an apron, sometimes I don't. When I do, she is always asking for one. I have an extra that I "fix" up to fit her, but I knew she should have her own. So...I decided to make her one for her birthday. I just finished this during naptime, and used this pattern (with some adjustments). I think it turned out really good. AND that is some of the famous fabric I found last week on the side of the road. Nice!
Oh, and I should mentioned...we are getting her a wooden broom and mop set to go with the apron. I promise...we aren't just teaching her clean the house and cook.


Haley Frederick said...

Super cute!

Brittany said...

that looks SOOO good stephanie! I think she will love it!