Sunday, August 17, 2008

His first tooth!

Ben's first tooth popped through his gum last Monday! I can't believe that he already has a tooth...and a whole month earlier than Lucy got one.

He has been pretty cranky, drooly and he is teething for the last month or two. Of course, this isn't likely to change much in the near future. The second tooth is close to breaking through, and his two middle, top teeth are making their way down.

It seems like he was just born...and now he has teeth (and is huge! Have I mentioned how sore my arms get when he is not in a carrier on my back?)! My sweet boy is growning up faster than I want him too.

Hopefully I will have a picture or two to share of him and his new tooth in the near future.


Brittany said...

Yay for the first tooth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems way too soon to be hearing that!