Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fabric, Fabric, and MORE Fabric

Oh, today was a glorious day in roadside finds! Praise the Lord for His provision in such unusual and strange ways...

I needed to get out of the house this afternoon, and decided to drop off a couple of things to my friend, Amanda. Since I didn't want to go home, it was the day before trash day in her area, and she lives close to one of the best places in this city to find good roadside items, I decided to take a drive to see what I could find.

It started off slow, and I didn't think I'd find anything. I chatted with my mom as I zig zagged the streets here and there. I was about to just leave, but thought I'd try one more street. And am I ever glad I did! Initially I saw a rocking chair and decided to turn around and stop. Immediately I saw that whoever had been evicted from this place recently must have been a seamstress, or avid sewer. There were bolts and bolts of fabric! Seriously, there was hundreds (maybe more) of dollars of fabric amongst the trash piled on the sidewalk.

I opened my trunk and got out. I quickly realized that I needed to end the conversation with my mom so I could concentrate on getting the best of what was there. After 5 minutes my mom called back worried since I hadn't called her back...I was still looking through everything! I am not sure how long I was out there, but I ended up coming home with 19 bolts of fabric, a few random pieces and some piping. Some of it is velvet-like, some is upholstery fabric, some it just plain cotton. Regardless, I think this was my best find yet. And I am pumped!!!
And for your viewing pleasure...some pictures.


Nathan said...

Well, hopefully if we can sell these bolts of fabric we can at least recoup the cost of gas used zigzaggin all over Fairmount.

Love, Your Husband

Brittany said...

I am so jealous!!! I NEVER find anything roadside...and you always do! That lookslike some nice fabric too!

Haley Frederick said...

I'm jealous, too! Are you sure they didn't just put that fabric out there while they were inside rearranging furniture or something?! That is just crazy! How exciting. I need to start driving around where you drive around.