Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Height Predictor

So, my mom sent me this link today, which I thought would be fun to share with you all. I filled it out...Lucy should be 5 ft 11 in by the time she is 18. I am not sure that I buy their predictions. Nathan says there is no way. However, Lucy does has a Nana that is 5 ft 10 in. It is possible.

So, share what they predict for your kiddos.

Oh, my mom says that they predict that my sister Elizabeth will be between 5 ft 9 in and 6 ft...I DO buy that...her dad is 6 ft 7 in!


Kristin said...

I tried my kids, but I'm not sure I believe the predictions... :-) I'm tall, but my husband is average. However, my daughter has always been tall like me, but this formula seems to create more of an average. So much fun, though!

Haley Frederick said...

I don't think I buy it either. It says Eva will be a wee little one at 4 ft. 11 in. NO ONE in either of our families is that tiny. I guess I could have put the wrong height, but I think I put the right one. I guess we'll see! If she's gonna be that tiny, we're signing her up for gymnastics asap. Olympics 2020 here we come!