Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Times

It seems like we have been able to spend lots of time with family in the last month, which has been great. Families can be such a blessing, and I am grateful for the times we have had with ours. I've already posted about my visit with the kids to Rockport, so no need to say much about that...except that it was one of my favorite visits! It was so much fun. After that we got to see Granddude and Grammy (Buzz and Helen, Nathan's dad and his wife). They were gracious enough to give us Buzz's old washer and dryer. (Thank you, again!!! They work great, and we were able to fit the dryer after some adjusting). Lucy always loves to see any of her grandparents, so she was hamming it up form for sure.

The next night Nana (Nathan's mom) was sweet enough to come watch BOTH Lucy and Ben while we went to Calvary 101...a four week class that our church has that is mandatory before you can join. It was nice to be able to go and listen, discuss, ask questions, etc. while we were there. The subject was a heavy one, and we needed to be able to pay attention. Thanks, Nana, for watching the kiddos!

The following weekend we made the treck with both kids to the Houston area to see our sweet, new niece and nephew, Hazel and Charlie...and Erin, David and Jono too. It was such a fun trip. I was a bit unsure how it would be with four adults and five kids under the age of two, but it was great! Jono took lots of steps while we were there, and we are all pretty sure watching Lucy was part of his motivation. The twins were great...little and snuggly, and Erin and David are doing an amazing job. God has definitely blessed them with the three kiddos, but it is not an easy job. I am impressed with how well they have handled the craziness in their home.

Last of all, there was a last minute trip made by my mom, Elizabeth and Bradley the following weekend. They had been in San Antonio to take Shannon to the airport and decided to go ahead and head our way for a short visit. We took them to dinner on Thursday night, and they ended up watching the kids on Friday night so we could attend a dinner with the church elders for all the people in the Calvary 101 class. They left Saturday morning after mom and I scored big at a garage sale a few houses down. It was sad to see them go since I know we won't see them until September, and Ben will already be 7 months old, and Lucy over 2. It is hard not having them closer, but the visit was great. Elizabeth is such a great helper with both Lucy and Ben (especially Ben...that girl is great at changing diapers and just loving on him). Bradley is great a making Lucy laugh...she really likes to just play with him. It is a lot of fun to watch them all interact.

It seems like the visits have slowed down for a bit. I guess that is good and bad, but it was fun getting to see everyone in such a short amount of time. Plus, now Lucy remembers everyone's names and faces. She talks about many family members throughout the day. I think all these visits helped her to put it all together...

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