Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Class of '98

Today's post is brought to you by my dear husband Nathan. He posts the following:

So I chided the wife for not blogging in a while, and she looked at me and said, "Why don't you just do it for me?"

I was taken aback at first. But then I thought, "Well, I have nothing better to do, and I myself have sometimes contemplated having my own blog, so this will kind of be like a test drive so see if I can be a successful blogger." So all of you out there, in the "blogosphere," you are now a part of my test drive. Buckle up!

You may be wondering if this post's title, "Class of '98" has anything to do with what has been written so far. You would be justified in wondering that, but now your curiosity will be satisfied as I get into the "meat" of the post. (Aside: If anyone has actually read this far, I'll be surprised).

It has indeed been TEN years since Stephanie and I graduated from High School. We are both members of the Class of '98. Different high schools, different hometowns, but the same class. I am thinking about this because today in the mail there arrived a letter announcing the dates and events for my upcoming 10 year reunion.

And as I think of it, it is hard to believe ten years has passed. And what an action packed 10 years! Finished high school, went to college for 5 years, met this girl named Stephanie, brought her back to Fort Worth, went back to Austin to get married, got back here and seems like immediately had a child. And then right after that, another one! Little on this earth can change a life so much as having a child, and now we've done it twice in the past two years. In fact, these past two years seem more action-packed than the previous eight before that.

I was reading Lucy a story earlier tonight (a potty training story) and I randomly had this thought deep in my gut: "You will be responsible for this child for years and years to come. She has been entrusted to you to care for, guide, discipline, disciple, train (and not just for the potty), teach, love, and protect for far longer into the future than you have in fact been responsible for yourself in the past."

Perhaps this post is really about time. It flies by. Where does it go? The years we have on this earth are really just moments, just seconds, even milliseconds in God's eternal timeclock. Some of the verses of scripture we have been memorizing with our church body are Psalms 103:8-14, and verse 14 reads thus: "For He (God) himself knows our frame, He is mindful that we are but dust."


That is a humbling statement. And there is no denying it. There is no escaping it. We are but dust.

That also brings to mind scripture from Habakkuk that I have been reading, where God tells his prophet that He is in His holy temple, and that all the earth must be silent before Him. What else can we do but stand in silence before our God, dust that we are?

Surely it is worthwhile to remind ourselves how great and magnified God is, and how lowly, small, and wretched we are. That will keep my pride in check when I consider my upcoming 10 year reunion, when I'm tempted to want to stack myself up against my old classmates, to see what they've done versus what I have done. None of that!

Only dust!

(She probably won't ask me to post for her again in the future, so don't worry about any more serious posts from me. She'll keep it upbeat I'm sure. She is the HAPPY homemaker, after all.)


Mom said...

AMEN!! Such true words. Such powerful sentiment.

As for the passing of time, parenting, and life perspectives, you are beginning to sound like an old soul. You are acquiring wisdom. Gaining wisdom comes with an increased depth of awareness and humbling sense of the inadequacy of self. Sometimes that acquisition comes with a touch of trepidation, as well.

Ah yes, significant class reunions are among those hallmarks of life that can cause introspection. Those times are good.

Please continue blogging, you have much to say.

Your dusty old Mom

Sara S. said...

Very thought-provoking from another Class of '98 (my reunion is in August!). I also loved Mr. Chunkers. What a cutie!