Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rockport Trip

Last week the kids and I took a trip to Rockport to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday, and to have a baby shower for my sister, Samantha.

We had a great time, and Lucy is still talking about Gigi's house, Sarah sleeping (my 17 year old sister that stays up late and sleeps all day), Sam and baby Emah (that would be Emma with an interesting spelling choice by my sister and brother-in-law), Opa and the pond, Pa and Bradley and lots of other things. It is really cute.

I wish my family was closer, or that we were closer to them. As our kids get older, it is harder and harder to be so far from my family. I can tell that Lucy would love spending lots of time with them, and I know that they would love to do the same with her and Ben. Maybe some day God will redirect us closer to them. But, until then, we have to enjoy the time we get.

Thankfully, the kids handled 7 hours in the car VERY well. I am so grateful for that!

Here are some fun pictures from out trip. I'll have more to add later in the week (as we have to finish the roll of film, and Nathan refuses to use a digital camera instead of a 35mm).


Shannon said...

cute! i'm so glad i got to see you, lucy and ben. i've really missed you guys. :)

Anonymous said...

My heart understands yours when it comes to being apart from family. Just remember that God knows best, and he also knows the desires of your heart.