Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roadside Finds!

So, I think it is time that I admit to you all that I am a curbside junky. Seriously. I love a good roadside find...especially when it is something that I can turn into a great item for us to use.

About a month or so ago I found two wooden cabinet doors with 8 panes of glass each on the side of the road. I immediately knew what I could do with them. Turn them into picture frames!

They were pretty old looking with lots of paint that was cracked and peeling. I am sure that there was lead in this paint since they were pretty old, but no worries...I don't have lead poisoning.

Anyway. I was able to sand them down, paint them with kilz and white paint, and put pictures on the back side with clear photo corners. Here are some before and after shots. What do you think?


Brittany said...

what a GREAT find! You had a creative idea and it paid off! I can't wait to see it in person!

Haley Frederick said...

You are so creative! I am jealous.