Wednesday, June 18, 2008

R.I.P. (my garden)

Well, I think it is time to admit defeat. My garden just isn't doing so hot. The plants themselves are growing just fine, but they are not going to produce all. I am pretty sure that there is just not enough sun in that spot (or any spot in our back yard for that matter). I knew this was possible, but was hopeful that I would be wrong.

I was pretty bummed for a while, but I am pretty much over it now. I am going to dig up the plants in there pretty soon, and find some things that grow well in shaded spots. Hopefully we can still grow something that is edible!


Brittany said...

that's so sad!

Haley Frederick said...

Sad! I had been meaning to ask you about your garden. If it makes you feel any better, my parents have a garden too and it isn't doing any better.

SHELLY! said...

Dont feel bad at all! We had an awesome garden last year because of all the rain we got. This year not much rain and I think the high temps came much earlier this year than last.

Our garden is not doing great at all and neither is my moms or sister.

Chin up..there is always hope for next year =)

Amanda said...

Hey, don't worry. At least you have the box built and you know what you're doing. Like shelly said, there's always next year.